Motorola Details the Various Versions of XOOM

Motorola has put together a very handy comparison tool/chart for the three versions of the upcoming XOOM tablet.  Three? Yep, there are GSM, CDMA, and WiFi flavors to choose from although the radio is the only difference we can spot between them.  Still, if you’re a spec junkie or want to know about every little codec and media format supported, this is your type of chart.  Who knew there were so many Bluetooth profiles?

  • OK now if they would just hurry up and sell me the MZ604 I would be a happy camper. Thank you for posting this chart I was waiting to see something like this.

  • That is a nice detailed chart.

  • 4G or Not To 4G

    now I would like to see a similar chart comparing the major competitors (LG/Samsung/etc)

    Also glad to see all these devices coming out as straight Honeycomb, because we know Google is going to be rolling out the upgrades and this makes it hassle free.

  • Kenny

    Where’s the LTE???