Samsung is taking a shot at the iPod touch with its Galaxy S WiFi

As a college student myself, walking around campus, I see my fair share of Android phones in hand, paired with those unmistakable white earbuds leading to a well-known iDevice in the pocket.  I’m guilty of this also.  We love our Android phones, but (although rumor has it that it is in the works) Android phones haven’t really been optimized for the musical experience…that is, until Samsung heard our cries.

The Mobile World Congress (MWC) showed off some amazing new things, one of them being the WiFi only Samsung Galaxy S.  It’s like a new-and-improved version of the iPod Touch.  It does all the music and videos (not to mention video chat) that the regular phones do, just not voice usage.  It’s a smaller tablet in reality.

According to BGR, the specs are as follows: 4-inch LCD TFT display, 1GHz Hummingbird processor, front-facing VGA camera, 3.2 megapixel rear-facing camera with 720p video recording (no flash), Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, 1200 mAh battery, micro-SD card slot (with support for up to a 32 GB card), and Android 2.2.

They did also show off a bigger version, the 5.0, which boasts a 5-inch WVGA display with an 800 x 480-pixel resolution, 1GHz Humming bird processor, front-facing VGA camera, rear-facing 5 megapixel camera with 720p video recording, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 2,500mAh battery, micro-SD card slot (support for 32GB cards), and Android 2.2.

So, what do you think of that? Who’s ready to trade in their iPods for the new Galaxy S?

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  1. Doug the Developer
    February 17, 16:28 Reply

    I think its really cool. I am not of Samsung products after having owned the Samsung Omnia (which had no support at all, crap device) and later the Samsung Fascinate for a while and later I decided to trade mine for a Droid X sometime shortly after (updates and buginess of the device turned me off overall). I have however loved the Droid X, Droid (until they updated it), Droid Eris (until the updated it), Droid Incredible (awesome phone), Garminphone (pretty good for GPS features), etc. (:

  2. acupunc
    February 17, 16:42 Reply

    I could go for this if it was a “google experience” device instead of touchwiz.

    • AG
      February 17, 23:09 Reply

      same here … I love Android but for an MP3 player I’d rather have an iPod touch instead of a Samsung device

  3. Foxman
    February 17, 16:48 Reply

    I don’t really see a need to carry around a separate media device. My good ol’ trusty Hero is, believe it or not, just perfect for me! I’m not too picky to have my music transferred manually (but both DoubleTwist and Winamp have some awesome syncing features now), and I use it with a stereo bluetooth dongle and a pair of decent earphones. It’s perfectly fine for me! After all, with the money they ask us for these phones, they better be able to rock some tunes!

    But I guess there are people, who want a simple phone and a dedicated media device, and for them I am happy! This finally looks like some competition for the iPod!

  4. Tansen
    February 17, 17:00 Reply

    This seems like a decent idea, and since I use my samsung captivate for music as well as camera, internet, phone, game device, etc, I could totally see somebody getting this instead of an ipod. However, the real problem now lies in file transfer and sync. One great thing about the ipod and iphone is that itunes can sync movies, music, AND playlists. Just having files isn’t enough for some people, and transferring playlists to android phones has always been buggy at best. If you can find a great solution for this, then theres no reason why android music players can’t take off.

  5. FNoodle
    February 17, 18:20 Reply

    I think this is a very compelling concept and long overdue.
    Personally, I do need a separate music/video/wifi browsing device because the battery life of my Android phone sucks. So, in order to avoid getting stranded someplace without a phone, I use an iPod or my trusty Nook Color.

    However, many things depend on the price point for such a device. Current tablet lineups do not compete well with Apple products. Apple! The guys historically known for commodity pricing!
    This is a sad state of affairs.

  6. Marlene
    February 17, 19:22 Reply

    I would definitely buy this so I could save the battery life of my Samsung Captivate when needing it to use as a phone.l would like this also for gaming and music.Plus I luv my gadgets and this one would get plenty
    of use B-).

  7. PhoneUser
    February 17, 19:45 Reply

    For those who want rock-solid syncing for their Android device (v2.2-up), I recommend a very cool application called “Easy Phone Tunes”. This is a free app that works equally well with both Mac OSX (I’ve only tried it with Snow Leopard) and Windows operating systems…seems OK with any WIndows OS going back to XP, but of course — as always — YMMV.

    Here’s the app’s page at Android Market.:

    And here’s the dev’s website:

    Computer must have iTunes installed, run at least once to find and organize the media files you wish to sync. Next, download and install the server-side element of ‘Easy Phone Tunes’ — it’s on the developer’s website – before installing the client-side element of Easy Phone Tunes onto your Android phone. The phone app offers prompts & reminders, throughout, so it’s hard to screw up.

    Far as I can tell, iTunes acts as ‘host’ for the app as ‘parasite’ — it merely diverts iTunes attention, enabling it to sync with a new HD (i.e.: your phone’s SD card). For me, Easy Phone Tunes provides a smooth experience, every time. If it works for you, please consider rewarding the developer (who is not me, by the way) by paying $3.20 for his ‘Easy Phone Tunes Plus’ upgrade version.

    Hope this helps.

  8. ari-free
    February 17, 20:36 Reply

    It’s about the kids. Parents may allow them to have a regular phone and a pod but they won’t get them a data plan. And because of all these kids with ipods there are many games for ios. Android can get lots of games too but only if oem’s can think about all those kids with no data plan.

  9. tom
    February 17, 23:58 Reply

    I sounds cool, but the new Ipod has a huge head start as far as being a non-phone PDA/music playing device.

  10. tom
    February 18, 00:02 Reply

    It sounds cool, but the new Ipod has a head start as a music player, PDA, etc and though the Android market may have many apps now, does it have the musical offerings of Itunes?

  11. gulen charter schools
    February 18, 03:55 Reply

    Samsung is a really good company of mobile.It has a so many amazing features.I love that mobile.You share so nice features of this mobile in this article.

  12. chefgon
    February 18, 07:31 Reply

    If they add a 3G or 4G data connection then I’ll ditch my phone and buy one of these. I’m really sick of paying for worthless voice minutes (I use literally zero minutes most months) but I’m not willing to give up my data plan.

    • Adviser
      February 20, 15:52 Reply

      I know Verizon Wireless has a data and texting plan.

  13. bousozoku
    February 19, 01:34 Reply

    It’s a good idea, but Galaxy S is practically dead in Samsung’s vision–not that I would buy another Samsung product ever. They should have made it an early version of the second generation Galaxy S product.

  14. Keith
    February 21, 09:45 Reply

    ….And this will be an even lower priority for updates. No thanks.

    I can appreciate what Samsung is trying to do. But the iPod has a books, movies and music market behind. Android doesn’t have that. Nor does Samsung have the marketing skill to take on the iPod.

    And as much a pain as iTunes is, it’s still nowhere as bad as Kies. I can tolerate iTunes. I can’t stand Kies.

    ….And all that’s assuming they actually treat this device as well as Apple treats the iPod (with things like updates)….which we all know Samsung won’t do.

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