Thunderbolt Launch Slips to February 28th

We just got word from one of our guys that the launch date for the Thunderbolt has slipped a few days.  Originally expected on the 24th, it has now been given the green light for February 28th.  No reason was given as to why the last minute delay but we’re glad it’s only four days.  Things could be a lot worse!  In the meanwhile, why not head over to the landing page and play with the lightning?

  • mike I

    maybe softer than expected iPhone sales have Apple forcing Verizon to delay the release so as to not overshadow the Jesus phone.

  • Jeff E.

    This is ridiculous. They should just keep the phone and not even release it. I have been waiting as patiently as possible for this phone but at this point its starting to seem like its not even worth it. I could get an AT&T iPhone for free through work but im choosing to wait for this instead. I dont understand why Verizon cant release any sort of comment letting people know whats going on. I’m switching from T-Mobile to Verizon for this phone but now im starting to question that. If i figure out a better option then i will be getting my $50 back from Best Buy for sure. They keep pushing it back and then better phones will be coming out right after it which will prevent them from selling as many of these so if iPhone sales are their concern then they should just scrap this phone all together. I am sick of waiting for this phone.

    • Joker

      Why dont you just get the atrix if your swiching carriers might as well get a dual core

  • Marco

    I am pissed if this is true and I will go for the Atrix instead.

    • FrankXS

      If you go for the Atrix due to the few days difference in its release, just remember one thing, you are not only buying a phone, you are buying a network. AT&T’s 4G is not the same as VZW’s 4G.


  • Chris G

    Verizon is going to lose a lot of customers If this keeps up.

  • srb

    Ridiculous. I’ve been holding onto my Blackberry Storm 1 and delaying getting my upgrade since October 2010 because the Thunderbolt was originally rumored to launch in November. Now, 3 months later, still no new phone. I should have just gotten a Droid X back in October with a 1-year contract and then gotten a Droid Bionic this fall. Why can’t the cell-phone industry just be open about release dates?

    • Marco

      Don’t generalize. It’s just Verizon that is dilettantish. Look at the Atrix launch. Perfect. They really want to push this phone out….

  • me

    I have a hard time seeing Verizon wanting to keep pushing this back with the Atrix coming out on the 22nd. People are starting to get furious over droid community getting dicked around for the iphone’s failings. (low sales/return policy)

    Verizon will be losing a lot more revenue if the Atrix gets released before the TB, a lot more than any return policy could cost them.

    Good on ATT for putting the pressure on. Maybe we’ll get our TB sooner now.

  • Buck

    Wah wah wah. Look, I’m really looking forward to getting a Thunderbolt, too, but I’m getting sick of all the damn crying. Look, Verizon never told you they were going
    to release it on the 14th or the 24th. Those were rumors and speculation. Either get the Tbolt when it comes out or get something else right now. Either way, stop bitching about it!

    • Marco

      If you don’t like our bitching than don’t read our comments. BB said to me that it will be released on the 14th. So somebody has told them that it would be released on the 14th.

      • Ron

        Some person at BB said something and Verizon is held accountable? Come on seriously lets use common sense. I bet you ask someone at Verizon and they will give no rumor date.

    • Ron

      Completely agree with Buck, seriously get over it, its just a phone. And Verizon has not given a release date, they only said coming soon, therefore once they give a release date then you can hold them accountable if they don’t keep there word. Meanwhile, relax and wait , once again IT IS A PHONE.

      • Joe

        The issue (for me, at least – I haven’t seen many other people mention this) is that Best Buy’s “Buyback Program” is currently free and will remain free until Feb. 26th. Since the full retail value of the Thunderbolt is $750, if I trade the phone in for a new model within 12 months, I get 50% of that $750 back. After the 26th, the Buyback Program returns to its regular price of $70. Obviously, 70 < 375, so it still makes sense to pay for the program if I have to, but I'd rather NOT have to. $250 + sales tax for a phone on a 2-year contract (plus accessories like a case and screen protector) is already expensive enough without worrying about another $70 that I wouldn't have had to pay if the phone released 2 days earlier.

        • Alex

          before 6 months is 50%. 6-12 months is 40%

          • Joe

            You’re right. All the more reason to want the phone released on or before the 26th, IMO.

        • FrankXS

          It’s $60 normal price for mobile phones, not $70. And, I’m in the same boat as you as far as the buyback program goes.


    • corymcnutt

      AMEN to that!

  • Jeff E.

    I will bitch as much as i want about this. my G1 stopped working a month and a half ago and i have been waiting for this phone to come out. i had to buy a pre-paid phone and put my sim card in it to hold me over until this phone comes out. The fact that i am using this POS phone right now and i need to be able to get email on my phone for work are both good enough reasons to bitch about it in my mind. I think we all have the right to bitch about the fact that Verizon has said NOTHING. They have their little commercials out and there is an ad in the SI Swimsuit Issue that just came out but they cant even open their mouths to tell their customers/potential customers whats going on? Screw that. We all have every right to bitch about this phone being released.

    • Marco

      I am in the same boat. Have my t-mobile sim in a prepaid phone and waiting to jump ship…I am on this POS phone since 20th of January…It sucks…LOL

    • joe

      Verizon said the phone would be out Q2, maybe March. You’re bitching that Verizon hasn’t released the phone more Thanks a month *ahead* of schedule?

      • Joker

        what this phone was rumored for november not in q2. Your either thinking of the bionic or atrix

        • joe

          No, you said it yourself. The phone was rumored…rumored. Verizon is still on schedule for what They officially announced as a release date, which was March to June.

    • corymcnutt

      That’s correct, you can bitch as much as you want…that will make everything right!

  • shawnshine

    Pissed is just about the right word right now. My contract is up and I want a new badass Android phone. But Verizon doesn’t have their act together. I’ve been a customer for 8 years and I think it just might be time to jump ship. Their 3G was late, then their 4G was late and launched with no phones for it. It took YEARS to get an iphone in thier lineup. I’m just not convinced they are the wireless company they once were. Now we’ve AT&T showing some balls and throwing the ATRIX at us next week. Hmm, badass phone on a 4G network. If Verizon doesn’t pony up some concrete info and an explanation to it’s customers of why it’s dicking us along, I’m probably gonna be an ex-Verizon customer on the 22nd.

  • Ego

    Until verizon states a release date, there is no real release date specified. So all these rumors mean nothing and I am not getting my hopes up until I hear something from Big Red.

  • Dave

    They will only tell you the release date 1 to 2 days prior as to not steal any iPhone customers, they want this to slide in there quietly with out warning so people will buy the iPhone.

  • FrankXS

    At least they didn’t say February 31st!


  • Mike P

    i agree with everyone here, i have been waiting for this phone, ive had to deal with this stupid iphone for the past two years and im done with it. my birthday is the 23 and i was hoping to have it by then, but it looks like thats not gonna happen. all i want is the Tbolt cause its amazing in every way

  • tina

    if you jump ship you wont be saying i can hear you now, i wouldnt change from verizon, i have had the best reception in the us and canada with them, and i have nothing but good things to say about the customer service i get when i call verizon with a question, they are alway very nice and take care of me.

  • Ebunky

    It’s amazing that nobody here has a clue what the word “patience” means. I sit here reading all these posts and laugh because it is JUST A PHONE. The world is full of waiting – we wait in line at stores, wait for our coffee to brew, wait for your co-worker to give you what you need….for God’s sake if all of you can’t sleep at night because you worry when the Thunderbolt will be released, I feel sorry for you. I have been using Blackberry for 5 years and have been with Verizon since they were Bell Atlantic Mobile (1992). They do what they do when they want to, and I have patience. Everything happens for a reason.

  • adriann

    my birthday was the 11th, and i hoped to have it soon after….now it been a week and STILL no phone…. happy birthday to me…. ive been stuck with an ugly, broken env 2! not 3 or touch…the two year old dumb env 2, and ive been off contract for months now waiting for the phone hoping that it would help me get the lowest upgrade price…all im saying is i was my freakn phone…..

  • Broady

    I called at least 20 Verizon stores today and everyone said the same thing 2/24/11 –

  • HBSurfer

    2-24-2011 If you say it, It will be there!


    Went to Verizon tonight, said it will be released “1st quarter 2011”, went to bestbuy and they have the display stand set up but no sample, asked if they had one, said it hasn’t come in yet, asked when it will be released, said the 28th.

  • Suz

    My Verizon store said the 24th AND had a demo to look at and hold, I’ll be there today getting my TBolt.

    • Anthony

      Did you get your TBolt, or did they lie….