February 28, 2015

Epic 4G and Sanyo Zio Getting Froyo February 21!

No, you didn’t read the title wrong, the Samsung Epic 4G and the Sanyo Zio are both getting some Froyo love on February 21st. We’ve gotten word from Sprint that confirms the date, so if you’ve got an Epic or Zio, get your device ready for Froyo. Sprint is saying that all of the Epics and Zios should have Froyo by February 25th, so by this time next Friday. Anyone excited about getting Froyo?

Source AndroidPolice

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  1. Mike

    Whoohoo! About fracking time! I love the phone and I’m glad Samsung and Sprint finally got their acts together.

  2. michael

    For those of us that (successfully) installed the Beta version of Froyo in December, is there anything special we will have to do to get the official Sprint update?

  3. Steve

    After Froyo, Samsung Epic users will get Gingerbread by the end of 2012.

    Thanks Sprint. I see the prices of Samsung Epics on Ebay are going higher now that there is a light at the end of a 6 month tunnel. I’m selling this junk to go to a non Sprint and Samsung phone.

  4. bousozoku

    Good, now I can start whining to Sprint that I don’t have GingerComb on my LG Optimus.


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