Motorola XOOM User Guide Leaks Out

Anxious to get your hands on a Motorola XOOM? While you can’t just yet, you can get your hands on the XOOM’s user guide, which has leaked out in .pdf format. Nothing here that’s too revolutionary, but, after a few pages on the hardware, the rest of the guide is a nice walkthrough of Honeycomb.

What do you think, anybody feeling better about dropping $800 on a XOOM after having a chance to look through the manual?

Source: Droid Life

  • TheMokoda

    The link in the article is no longer available; the file was removed.

    • Chuck

      Check back later today, we may be able to remedy that.

    • Chuck

      Download link has been updated to one that’s working.

      • Not anymore.

        Any other link?

  • Durr

    Wifi only ftw. Verizon data prices are dumb. And who knows when 4g will hit big. Not to mention what they will do with pricing. Im sorry but Verizon is full of fail.

    • Sumguy

      I have to ask, what is the big deal with the 3g/4g plan and Wifi?
      From what I understand is you have to sign up for a plan for one month ($20?) then you can cancel. Admittedly it’s annoying but it’s hard to blame them for trying to make a buck. Back to my question…why is a $20 minor annoyance a “Full Fail”?

      • Chris

        There may be an activation charge too. But I think the Verizon part concerns people because of possible bloatware and a question mark as to how updates might be rolled out (would the OTA updates requires a data plan?). I’m still tempted to get it though.

  • Bill

    I am all over this. Will be nice to have a tab that isn’t just an app repository. Super excited.

  • Hi,

    For your information the user guide is also available here:

    Get it while it’s hot 😉