PONG for Hope Update


In just two short hours PONG for Hope launches officially for our event this weekend!  The cameras are set up, the Atari is ready to go and we are ready to PONG!

Right now, we are sitting at $890 in total donations (some payments are still coming through).  Our goal was to start with $1000, so we are almost there.  The AGTN crew has decided to challenge the community to see if we can get to our goal.  If we reach $1000 by noontime CST today, the entire AGTN cast will do a Cinnamon shot, meaning that they will try to swallow a spoonful of cinnamon live on the air.  You can donate using the chip-in widget we have included here in the article.  Help get us to $1000 and make the AGTN crew do the cinnamon!  Help us beat heart disease, one point at a time!  All proceeds are going to the American Heart Association!


  1. Funny how 60yrs ago heart disease was nearly non existent 🙂

    I suggest don’t waste your money. The studies by American Health Association and every university have shown that TM (tm.org) is a better cure than all the drugs combined.