TeleNav Data Shows What People Were Looking for on Valentine’s Day

How many of you out there were among those last minute shoppers on Monday, February 14th?  C’mon, raise your hand you procrastinator.  So, as you rushed out to get that super-sexy ultra-clever gift, what was on your mind?  Don’t tell us, we already know.  TeleNav compiled some anonymous data from this Valentine’s Day, comparing searches against your typical Monday.

You last-minute, unoriginal, one-track-minded, dirty birds.

Here are a few notable findings, which have been posted over on the TeleNav blog:

  • When compared to an average Monday, Hallmark was searched almost eight times more on Valentine’s Day
  • Searches for Victoria’s Secret on Valentine’s Day jumped 246 percent when compared to the number of searches on  an average Monday
  • Users searched for candy related terms nearly 12 times more on Valentine’s Day than a normal Monday
  • Search inquiries for florists, flowers and roses increased the most of any Valentine’s-related terms, with searches growing more than 18 times on Valentine’s Day over a normal Monday
  • TeleNav users searched for jewelry-related terms nearly one and a half times more on Valentine’s Day
  • Ridokilos

    People buy lingerie for gifts on valentines day?… THAT’S BRILLIANT. Why didn’t I think of that?