Android Market URLs Hinting at Things to Come (Books, Music, and Movies)

It appears that Google has reserved a few domains and redirects for some upcoming Android Market features.  We’ve previously heard about future support for books and music, so it doesn’t surprise us to learn that and would redirect to the Android Market home page.  Likewise, also yields the same result.  Playing around with other possibilities, we were somewhat curious when we found working as well.  

We’re not sure if there are others, nor how soon we might see a switch flipped for these, but we’ll be watching now.  It’s worth pointing out that not every word does this.  Try filling in the last spot with your favorites (beer, games, clothes) and you get a different result.

We’d love to know more about the movies section, assuming it’s part of a bigger plan.  Will it be tied to YouTube (Leanback) or part of something involving the major production companies?  Anyone out there already know and care to share?

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  • Spencer

    Can’t wait for Google to compete with apple on the Services level! I’m sure it will be awesome!!!


    Wasn’t it already announced that Google will be releasing its own iTunes like service recently which would explain the URLs