Don’t Forget About the PONG for Hope Android Beanie


Don’t forget about the one of a kind never to be made again 8-Bit PONG for Hope Android Beanie!  You can bid on it right now on Ebay, and we have added some incentive!

The winner of the Android Beanie is going to get the Beanie itself, plus an admission ticket to the Second Annual Big Android BBQ in Austin Texas!  In addition, if the Beanie goes for over $500, the winner will get everything above, plus the winner will get to be the first person in the food line during the BBQ and will be brought onto the platform during the event to say thank you!  Not too shabby!  What are you waiting for?  Go get bidding!

  • I’ve got two of these they’re so awesome, very comfy and a fun way of showing your support for the coolest mobile platform out there! I get the
    feeling most people who see them don’t understand what they are but they all still think they’re über cute!