Twidroyd Reinstated, New Version Available

If you’ve been jonesing for some Twidroyd since Twitter suspended it on Friday, your wait is over.

Earlier today, Twitter announced that the popular Android app has had its API access restored, now that parent company UberMedia has taken steps “to remedy the violations.” Shortly after, the Twidroyd team announced that updated versions have been released.

TwitLonger support is gone in the new version; not surprising, since one of Twitter’s complaints was that DMs longer than 140 characters were being handled in a way that might compromise privacy.

What do you think, was Twitter heavy-handed in handling this situation, or were they justified in the way they enforced their policies?

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  • j. read

    Heavy handed indeed. They’re yet to apply Tweetlonger (present on iOS)
    Other developers are actually improving twitter and they dont like it.

  • Eric de la Torre

    Very heavy handed. Glad twidroyd is back though, the official twitter app blows.

  • James_Ebby

    Thank god its back. Your right, the Twitter app does suck. I wasn’t getting all my tweets.

  • Quite heavy handed and really kind of evil.

    They went after Twidroyd for the DM/Twitlonger issue and they went after UberTwitter for having the word “Twitter” in the name. And they lumped the two together because they would have much less sympathy from users going after the name, as it is they get to claim that they are merely looking out for their users.

    In going after these two they were testing the user backlash waters, I suspect that they will be going after TweetDeck next.

  • Flick

    I am just really glad it’s back – read the reviews for all the other major ones but all complained of ads or other things. Welcome back Twidroyd!

  • sophi

    it was kinda weird having a weekend off of twitter. (twidroyd is my primary twitter portal on weekends)

    i tried the official twitter client… but meh… haven’t found a better twitter client for my phone than twidroyd. it’s what i’m used to and it does what i want. and none of the others does all of the stuff i use better. they’re all just better in different directions.

  • John

    Still bugs on it