Battle for Thinnest Android Handset Continues with NEC MEDIAS

The battle for the world’s thinnest (Android) smart phone rages on today with word of the NEC MEDIAS. Ranging between 7.7mm at its thinnest and 8.7mm at the thickest, it easily takes the title from devices such as the Xperia Arc and last week’s Samsung Galaxy S II.  Other details for the handset include an 800MHz processor, 512MB RAM, a 4-inch screen, and a 5-megapixel camera.  According to reports, this phone will be announced later this week for NTT DoCoMo.  While it may not see the level of promotion or release, the MEDIAS can hold its head up high for the time being.

Via: Android Police | datacider | Ameba

  • Mike

    Why bother with this phone when the specs suck.
    Nowhere near the glalaxy S II

  • Skeptical Eye

    And I don’t think all this thinness is such a great Idea! It Just makes it easier to drop your $600.00 phone…………….

  • I don’t know about the rest of ya’ll out there but I’m starting to get sick of all these thin phones with very poor battery life. I like my new MyTouch 4G but I would love it so much better if it had been a little thicker so it could hold a bigger battery. These cellphone makers need to start concentrating on better battery life for these phones.

    • Alan

      Well said David. I couldn’t agree more. What is sorely needed, is new power storage technology. Why is it that battery technology is lagging so far behind the devices that it powers? Come on all you scientists. The first to come up with a solution for this problem will make him/herself a fortune by licensing/selling their ideas, which would benefit all types of devices.

      • I’ve had an idea for awhile but not sure if it would be feasible. You know those small solar panels that come in calculators?…. I wonder could those be integrated into the body of the phones to provide a charge to the battery during downtime when the phone isn’t being used? Sorry if that sounds too silly. Was just a thought. I’d be all for it if it could work.

        But still in all seriousness we need better battery life for real. I hate having a really awesome phone I can only get just a few hours of use from before I have to plug it back on the wall again.

  • Come on all you scientists