Latest Thunderbolt Ad From Verizon Hits YouTube [VIDEO]

Verizon‘s latest Thunderbolt ad (Spanish audio) has landed online and it shows a guy prepping for the arrival of the 4G LTE handset using some form of Doc Brown science.  The thirty second clip has him jumping from rooftop to rooftop, connecting large cables together so that it can harness the lighting from the storm.  We get a brief glimpse of the device at the end, but it’s not really a secret anyways.

Another version of the ad exists online, but currently has its permissions set to “private”.  We imagine this one will go live any day.

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  • Chris G

    Bastards!!! They are Effing with us.

  • deraildoax

    Who cares about awesome Android phones with top of the line specs running on Verizons 4G LTE network when you can get an 8 month old Iphone 4 on the 3G EVDO network with specs that even when launched didn’t stand up to the Evo… Amirite?

    I gotta admit the one true innovation that no Android phone has rivaled is the “retina display” but honestly I don’t really care cus my eyes can’t see individual pixels on my WVGA Mytouch 4G at 12″. So at what point does it matter. But to all the cool Iphone owners specs don’t matter its all about the dumbed down ui for 2 year olds. I’ll never understand iDiots. Why settle for an Iphone when such better alternatives exist? Noobs.

    • sansenoy

      The iphone 4 is, sadly, still faster than any android phone while running on 800 MHz, and it kills in the battery life argument. So just cool down and show it some respect, it doesn’t mean it’s any better.

      • louis

        Sansenoy…if you honestly think the iPhone 4 is faster than any android phone, and kills in the battery life argument, you are either living under a rock or riding apple’s D. My G2 not only goes days without charging, but blows the pants off any iPhone 4 i’ve ever touched.

        • sansenoy

          I’m just saying no android phone so far has beat the iPhone in web rendering speed, except the nexus one in some scenarios. Maybe I’m wrong, I haven’t tried the G2, and I certainly don’t find the iPhone to be any better compared to a proper android device. Also, I doubt the G2 battery runs longer, I’m sure its solid though…

          • vinzky

            my droid x will kill ur iphone 4 with the speed i have. can ur battery last 30 hrs without charging using all the features u have?

  • I saw the commercial, cool. I just hope that SKYPE will be a go and not a tease. I heard a rumor that it may not be installed on the phone when released. One of the reasons I am buying this phone is for the Skype. I spend time away from home and I want to use the video to communicate to my children. So, I hope they don’t pull the plug on Skype.

  • Verizon’s latest Thunderbolt ad (Spanish audio) has landed online and it shows a guy prepping for the arrival of the 4G LTE handset using some form of Doc Brown science.