Sprint Hinting at Another Android Announcement for February 24th?


Could Sprint be cooking up another Android handset for announcement just two short weeks after the Kyocera Echo event?  Judging by a tweet from their official account, February 24th will see them unveiling a new smart phone.  We’re going on the assumption this is a smart phone as a feature phone just wouldn’t get the same type of hype.  And since they aren’t rumored to pull an iPhone out of their hat anytime soon, we figure it’s Android-related.  Anyone have some ideas as to what Sprint might announcing?  Will it be something as ‘cool’ as David Blaine and making the impossible possible?  We’ll find out later this week!


  1. Since the Optimus 3D, Optimus Black, Nexus S, or Desire S would be absolutely awesome and satisfy my Sprint related desires, I’m going to say it won’t be any of them. Because if they announced some piece of garbage gimmick or feature phone I’d be incredibly disappointed, and that’s all Sprint seems to do these days… disappoint me.

  2. Not a Sprint customer, but did expect them to do something big on their last event with Kyocera…at this point, not expecting much out of them