Xoom to Ship Without Flash

We’ve just gotten word from AndroidCentral that the Moto Xoom won’t be shipping with Flash 10.1 preinstalled. This might not be a deal-breaker for the average consumer, but it’s still a big oversight. Whether that oversight is on Motorola‘s part or Adobe’s, we’ll leave up to you. Either way you slice it, the Xoom won’t have Flash on launch day. However, a statement from Verizon and Adobe tells us that Adobe is working on Flash 10.2, designed for Honeycomb tablets. So in a nutshell, you’re getting the latest and greatest, but you have to wait for it, and you don’t even get to have the old one until then. You’re just stuck without it. The expected release date for Flash 10.2 for the Xoom is “early 2011”, so we’re guessing that means by the end of spring. More on this as it develops. Anyone else think this is a bad move on Moto/Adobe’s part?

  • Edlin

    look at the disaster that is the motorola milestone, the phone was advertised as flash ready (it even said it on the box) in December 2009, over a year later and its still on 2.1 and no flash.

    motorola dragging their heels about updating to 2.2 and the bootloader is locked.

    they cant be trusted – check out the motorola europe facebook page, people going apeshit for the past 6+ months.

    • Justin Marden

      That’s an excellent point. This is almost like the Droid X bootloader crisis all over again!

  • It looks really bad .I feel for the type of money I really need to wait on the G-Slate.The Zoom gives me a reason everyday not to be the fool I am and fork over my childs college fund money.

  • Ed

    This is a huge fubar! Total deal breaker for me. Someone needs to get their ass canned for this, to me that was one of the major selling points. Total fail motorola.

  • coder

    We need a reputable, honest, and smart manufacturer to get into making Android devices…coz all the current ones seem to be shifty liars!

    This news, plus the fact I’d have to signup for 1 month with Verizon JUST TO GET WIFI WORKING (amagadness!) despite the fact I couldn’t ever utilise the Verizon account from Australia means I won’t be sending my more valuable Australian dollars to Best Buy…

  • Rob

    Straight up – Flash is androids #1 selling point compared to apple products.

    Not happy.

    If the galaxy tab 10.1 ships wish flash I think it will tip me samsungs way.

  • This news, plus the fact I’d have to signup for 1 month with Verizon JUST TO GET WIFI WORKING (amagadness!)