Ad-Free Angry Birds Due Within a Month’s Time

Wondering when Rovio plans on releasing an ad-free version of their Angry Birds game for Android?  If a recent tweet is any indication, we can look forward to that within a month’s time.  When one of their twitter followers indicated they would be happy to spend a few bucks to remove the ads, @RovioMobile responded with “give us another month and we’ll be there.”  This is likely great news for a decent chunk of you out there as we’ve heard plenty of complaints about the ads feeling intrusive or being placed in goofy spots.  

How much would you be willing to spend to get rid of the ads in Angry Birds?

Via: AndroidCommunity

  • Matt

    Thank goodness!

    I didn’t mind the ads when the game first came to Android. They were placed at the bottom of the screen and would occasionally go away while you were playing.

    Then they released an update the brought some great additional levels, but then they placed the ads at the top-right and they never disappear! This was the stupidest idea every, as quite frequently the ads would COVER UP GAMEPLAY! What the hell, Rovio?

    All the support requests in the world don’t help because Rovio doesn’t care about their users. They’re well aware of this issue but don’t want to fix it. Once, I finally received a response that said they thought the ads were supposed to disappear. Well, they don’t, and clearly they don’t care that they don’t.

  • stewart

    People still play angry birds?

    • Evo1

      I know right, haven’t played that game (original or seasons) in a couple months. Could care less for a adfree even if the ads show up at a very annoying spot its still a simple game.

      • Comedyguy

        You mean you COULDN”T care less. Not could. That means you actually care. The opposite of what you mean,

  • BKdroid

    adFree does it for free.

    On a semi-related note: Did I really just get a “Windows Phone” pop-up Ad on an Android site? doubleU-Tee-Eff?

  • I have a feeling the reason for the wait is because they want to utilize the new in-app billing feature. It would be more hassle for them to go the traditional route of releasing a separate version (and keeping it up-to-date with the ad-supported version) just so users can pay to remove ads. Also by making it easier to pay and eliminating the issue of losing the game save, more people would pay.

  • Calvin

    Yeah, uh, adfree angry birds haas been around for months’s called rooting your phone and installing adfree! Whoda thunkit?

  • They’re well aware of this issue but don’t want to fix it.

  • Like most people, I think this is a little too late. We complained about this months ago. I won’t be buying it even though I once said that I would happily pay for an ad-free version because it’s over. I don’t play angry birds anymore. Rovio dropped the ball big time on this one.

    • Smosesmail

      Rooting plus adfree equals adfree angry birds.  Im a complete noob, just got android day 1 and accomplished this.  The birds are less angry now!