Final Honeycomb SDK is Live

You’ve been playing with the preview Honeycomb SDK for some time now, it’s time to do the real job. Google has given the green light for the final Honeycomb SDK to go online, and here it is. Now before you start downloading it on your computer just to play with the emulator, please read the rest of the article, it includes some juicy stuff.
The SDK just finalizes all the APIs, nothing all that new has been added to the preview APIs.  However, you can now test your application for compatibility with Honeycomb and prepare your applications for the Android Market, previously not possible with the preview SDK.  And the incredibly awesome part is that you can now edit the compiled binary .xml files from .apk and .jar file easily, without work-arounds. Google has released an official tool to do just that.

You can now open and view resource XML files in jar files (which are in a compressed, binary format). This feature was contributed by Haris Peco. Thank you!

Source: Android Developers Blog

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  1. aoneled
    February 22, 20:36 Reply

    However, you can now test your application for compatibility with Honeycomb and prepare your applications for the Android Market

  2. Jolie
    February 24, 05:05 Reply

    Now All the Android Tablets that are looking for new applications will get lots of great apps specially crafted for Honeycomb. Then the competition will be more intense between Apple App Store and Google Android Market among the apps as it is pretty obvious that all the previous apps that were designed in previous sdk will come as updated version for Honeycomb tablet pc’s and devices.

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