Guy Gets Out of Speeding Ticket Thanks to Android Phone, Google Tracks put up an interesting article this morning about a guy used Google Tracks to evade a speeding ticket.  In short, the app showed that his maximum speed for the journey was less than the speed for which the officer cited him.  He opted to fight the ticket, using the GPS information as his evidence, and in the end, got let off with no penalty.  It should also be noted that the judge stated that it was because of lack of evidence, not the application or handset.  However, the author, and this guy, feel that it had something to do with it.

The entire article is worth a read, but that’s about the gist of it.  Head on over to read it here. Again, the author is not saying that Android phones function as a “Get out of Jail Free Card” but there can be some worthwhile info there.

What do you guys think?

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  1. Will
    February 22, 19:08 Reply

    Nice … although I wouldn’t trust it that much.

    Last time I used it, it said that my top speed was 154 km/h (95 mph), and I’m pretty confident that I never went over 110kmh…

  2. LED Spotlight
    February 22, 20:36 Reply

    It should also be noted that the judge stated that it was because of lack of evidence, not the application or handset. However, the author, and this guy

  3. Lamorris46
    March 13, 18:23 Reply

    I don’t think I could get out of a ticket, because I my gps would say I was going at least 85 mph.

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