Kaspersky Releases Android Security App

We told you last week about Eugene Kaspersky’s opinion on Android. He said that sooner or later, Android could dominate the market, with an over 80% market share, leaving Apple and RIM to fight for scraps. It looks like Kaspersky isn’t going to try to slow that down, as his company has just released an Android security app. Kaspersky’s Mobile Security 9 is now available for purchase for Android devices, with features like:

  • SMS Find. Basically, if a phone is lost or stolen, the SMS Find feature pinpoints the device’s location using Google Maps and sends the information via email to an email address of the owner’s choice.
  • SIM Watch. If a thief tries to switch the SIM cards in a stolen phone, the owner still has the option to delete sensitive data.
  • Remote Block and Delete. Essentially, if a device is stolen, the owner can lock down all communication with the device. This means no messages or emails can get out or come in. Pretty handy, no?

If you’ve never tried Kaspersky’s PC program, it’s very effective at sniffing out viruses and malware, and it looks like they’ve implemented that into their mobile app as well. There’s an automatic filter for pesky spam text messages or calls. Users can rest assured that they’re protected from viruses as well. Kaspersky Mobile Security 9 searches for and blocks any harmful malware, viruses, or any other threatening entities on an Android device. Last but not least, the owner can enable Kaspersky’s Privacy Protection mode, in which certain chosen contacts won’t appear in the address book, the phone will not ring if they call, and no notification will appear if they send an SMS message. This is a good tool to keep prying eyes away from certain information. So check out the Kaspersky Mobile Security 9 app and tell us what you think!

Source MarketWire

  • Remote Block and Delete. Essentially, if a device is stolen, the owner can lock down all communication with the device.

  • bmszabo

    Lookout Mobile does the same things, I use since more than a year -and it is for free..:)

  • Ray Lee

    There is nothing new in this product over the product they have been selling on the Windows and RIM platform for many years. All of the features they offer can be found for free in the Android market. What they should be doing is rewriting the software in Java and then enable it to be installed on the UICC. But they are to short-sighted for that.

  • Yandrie Setiadie

    Well hell to pay .. There are not free, what? What kind are you