Glu Mobile, Rovio and ZeptoLabs to Talk App Monetization at GDC


The Game Developers Conference is set to kick off next week in San Francisco where upwards of 20,000 developers will be in attendance.  The Moscone Conference Center is host to the annual event which is now celebrating its 25th year.  Google has been part of the show over the last few years and will figure into this season’s event as well.

As part of a session called “Turning Mobile Games into Moneymakers”, Google’s Charles Yim will be joined by a few notable developers (Rovio, Glu Mobile, ZeptoLabs) who happen to be behind some games you might have heard of.  If you’re a developer  planning to attend the conference, be sure to check out the March 3rd panel where some real-world experience will teach you a thing or two about making money off of your games.

Should those developer names not ring a bell, we’ll give you a quick list of some of their releases.  The guys have plenty of knowledge on the subject.

  • Angry Birds
  • Bonsai Blast
  • Gun Bros
  • Brain Genius Deluxe
  • Cut the Rope