Minecraft Coming to Android

Minecraft is a game about placing blocks to build anything you can imagine. At night monsters come out; make sure to build a shelter before that happens.  According to Kotaku, the developers are working on releasing a version for Android (as well as iOS) that is due to release before the official release of the desktop version of the game itself.

This may be the first time that a mobile port is released before the game is even completed.  It should also be noted that it is still in beta, but developers are expecting a full release later in the year.

Who’s ready to download it when it’s released?

  • i think it should come out on ipod touch first

    • SUCHY

      It’d be gay.

      • Derp McGee

        Not really, the more platforms that someone releases a product on, the more popularity/access/profit is gained from that product. It would be a smart move actually to do that.

    • Derp McGee

      First of all, releasing it for iOS would be more difficult because of all the bullcrap Notch would have to deal with to put it in the market. Chances are, Notch will do a beta testing in the android market, then when it’s complete release an ipod touch version. The only thing is that the code language used in android is just an older version of java, the app coding language in iOS is completely different, so he’d have to either learn the language or hire someone to do it, possibly making it cost money in iOS’s app store.

  • Fredrik Andersson

    I am ready, just bring it on.

  • George T

    What version of Android will it run on?

  • Wrinkliez

    fuck yeah. both are developed in java… hopefully that means that android will be an easier creation, and therefore android will get an exclusive title for a little bit? please?

  • Remind me Second Life, can you play this game with others?

  • Notech

    F yes… this is what I jacked to this morning

    • Spade

      Me too. I came buckets.

  • Dannyjayfuller

    I am so there. Maybe, if we’re lucky, it’ll end up being a different giant-ass world on each server where hundreds of players can build things, have the community marvel at it or tear it down to build better stuff, set up traps and dungeons for each other, etc. But, a minecraft MMO may just be too much to ask.

  • I’m sure Notch will end up with an easier time making it for android, of for not at least the lack of a wagging man-worm from apple. Making apps for Apple is like taking a phallic object up the waste shoot. Still better then nintendo, where its liek a humpback whale.
    But none the less I am syked! I may never need my pc any more. then XD

  • AbCdEfG

    Imagine this on the HTC Evo 3d.
    If it ever happens that is.
    Notch is a fat lazy guy who eats non stop.

    • Aaaaaaaa

      Aron Neiminen is the new employee in charge for creating the iOS and Android versions of Minecraft.

      • ANOBAHAR95


  • I’m hoping this will be as full-featured as the desktop version… though you’d have to make some concessions, since it’s a mobile device.

  • metal-ed92

    To be honest, i think this sort of game will not bring the full contents with it to android because there is so much to control, it will be more of the classic version they bring to android

  • “….different attention spans…”Oh my god, they’re gonna casualize virtual legos!