CyanogenMod Nightly for EVO 4G Includes WIMAX

Just had to give a quick shout to the EVO 4G users out there. A tweet by Cyanogen tipped us off that it’d be coming, and a tweet by Toastcfh confirmed it: last night’s nightly build for the EVO has the WIMAX built in.  You can find nightly build #6 via ROM Manager or the TeamDouche Mirror Network.

This is huge news. Many of us have been anticipating (read: begging for) this for quite some time.  AndroidGuys will try to do a follow up once we are able to test it!

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  1. figatree
    February 24, 10:30 Reply

    I used the rom and loved it. There was only one problem, the connectivity was buggy. I could receive and send phone calls but would lose my internet connectivity (especially when I would turn on my 4G). I would either have to reboot or it would eventually get connectivity to be able to access the internet. I didnt understand it. I reinstalled it twice to make sure it wasnt me and both times, same results. I ended up going to a different rom till this one works a little better. Let me know if anyone else have had the same problem or not.


  2. figatree
    February 24, 10:41 Reply

    Disregard the previous comment. I was incorrect. The rom I was referring to was the gingerbread version of CyanogenMod so my apologies.

  3. Brandon
    February 25, 08:56 Reply

    I installed this last nite and 4G is working great so far.. I have the built in wireless tether enabled and downloading a a 100 meg file at 400 to 500kbps per second from my laptop while streaming a station on Tune In radio..

  4. Everett Gates
    March 02, 15:52 Reply

    I’m new to the whole subject, but I’m very curious……what is ‘cyanogen’ and what’s the rom all about?

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