Googlers Getting Gingerbread on Nexus One, Are You?

As we learned earlier this week, Android 2.3 began rolling out to Nexus One  handsets around the country.  Promised to be completed over the next few weeks, some of you were calling shenanigans on the update, saying it wasn’t actually happening.  In an effort to show it’s the real deal, we’ve compiled a few twitter confirmations from people who have received the update.  Granted, these are Google folks we are talking about, so take that for what it’s worth.  Have you seen Gingerbread on your Nexus One yet?

gingerbread just hit my nexus one. downloading, awesome! – Alan Tang

Oh boy! Gingerbread just hit my phone! – Tyler Hinman

My @googlenexusone is downloading Gingerbread! – Jacob Glick

@googlenexus thanks for the gingerbread love. downloading now… – Hunter Walk

  • Tim

    Did the manual update yesterday. Nice to finally have it.

  • will

    You realize you can have it now right?

  • Bo

    Not yet

  • AndyH_STi

    I was tired of waiting for the OTA update and I manually installed it. Happy I did, I really like Gingerbread!

  • BogartOfElCajon

    Oh wait! There’s a notification in my Nexus one, it might be it…


    My mom texted me. 😛

    • Tim


  • westy

    I did it on my Nexus S and the quality of the screen went down big time. Plenty of other people experiencing the same thing.

  • FireWave

    Yes, but I got it with CyanogenMod7-RC1 a few day ago.

    Really love it.

  • Not on my nexus one yet…

  • Can some one point us to the manual update?

  • Oops. Never mind, just saw the new post.

  • jdog25

    I did the manual update on 4 phones yesterday.

  • I did the manual update last night, just like I did with Froyo last year. Waiting for the OTA would be long. It’s a good incremental update.

  • Pedroid

    manual update. haven’t heard from anyone who got OTA update.

  • CodeMonkey

    Manually updated about 10 mins after the link went up @ XDA.
    Rather happy with the update – faster, fantastic native keyboard (convinced me to junk SlideIt).
    The visual design crew at my office loved the new screen off animation.

  • Dan

    Got the OTA update today. I’m on Rogers in Canada.

  • Tried the manual update several times yesterday but couldn’t get it to install. Kind of disappointing because that’s how I updated to Froyo. Will try again today.

  • Finally installed this evening. Make sure you rename the file in the folder in which it was downloaded and then move it to your SD card from the download file on your computer. So far so good.

  • Julius

    Yay just arrived 30 min ago. I downloaded the zip and have it on my computer then my phone told me the update was here… It was scared of a manual update.

  • yocto

    Yay, it’s arrived! Need to work out what’s different now! Love the way the phone turns to sleep (like an old CRT tv turning off 🙂

  • Calle

    Got the OTA update and pressed install. everything went ok with the download and then after reebooting nothing had changed. Still 2.3.3 !!! No Gingerbread. Anyone who knows what happened?

  • calle

    Sorry, Still 2.2.2

  • nada

    just updated.. looks great..

  • Holmberg424

    Got mine this morning. Did a double take the first time I turned the screen off. 🙂

  • Helen

    Got it today!! Installed no problem here in the UK on O2. It’s quick! I like the smaller notification bar and the new animations. So far so good. Worth the wait? I can’t tell yet.