Grab Gingberbread for Your Nexus One Manually


Even though Gingbread has begun to hit Nexus One phones here and there, we can imagine some of you are the impatient type.  Like Veruca Salt, you want it now.  So, what do you do?  Take matters into your own hand and do it manually. It’s possible to download the files and do it yourself, even without root access.  In fact, the only way to do this update is to have stock recovery on your phone.  Thanks to the fine fellas at XDA for putting this together!

  • MrChaz

    If you get an error about your hboot being the wrong version (it’s an error code 7 or something)
    grab this file first:

    rename it and do the usual manual update procedure first

  • ryan funk

    I got it last night I love it I have 3g in places I’ve never had it before

  • manderso

    had to do some wrangling with moving from FRG83 -> FRG83D -> FRG83G -> GRI40 but it all went fine and I have a nice piece of Gingerbread. I like the new look and it seems to run just a little bit quicker. thanks XDA!

  • Finally got it running this evening. Make sure you rename it in the original download folder and cut and paste it to the SD card directly from the folder you downloaded it in. That was my hangup until this evening. So far so good.

  • Trond

    My old, worn and beloved Nexus One got new life with Android 2.3.3!
    It’s faster, more responsive and the annoying problem with “not responsive screen after wakeup” has not shown itself after the update. It also seems that Wifi is more stable. In addition, it looks a lot nicer.

    Thank you Google.

  • Guy Bailey

    Downloaded mine yesterday and am blown away. Wasn’t expecting very much but it’s quicker, looks superb and pulled an extra 20mb of internal memory out of somewhere!