Sprint Suspends Epic 4G Froyo Update Over Multiple Issues

Sprint has suspended the Android 2.2 update rolling out to Epic 4G handsets due to a number of reported problems.  Chief among the issues are apps force closing and microSD cards not being recognized.  We’ve obtained a copy of what looks like an internal Sprint document listing the details.  Sprint is said to be working with Samsung to fix the problems after which they’ll resume the Froyo update.

  • Svetlana

    What a joke!!! Downloaded this stupid update 2 days ago and my phoneis wothless now! Force closing on all my apps, my ph does not even ring,doesn’t recognise my sd card! And when I called sprint they tld me the can only rebootmy system but I will loose everything on my phone including contacts!!! This is a phone I run a business on and I don’t even see when someone is calling! And ill be damned if I have to manually input over my 200+ contacts because of an update they didn’t check!!!!!!! I’m so mad!

    • Fred

      My update works fine. You should save all your contacts to google and not the phone that way you’ll never lose them

    • Dmax

      if u run a business off your phone you should have been backing up your apps and contacts on a regular basis.

  • Verbosity

    Glad I grabbed mine yesterday before the cut-off. It works fine on my phone, and I feel bad for those who are having issues.

    I’d like to point out that Sprint and Samsung made the claim that they delayed the update for such a long period of time to ensure that it was tested thoroughly. I guess android 2.2 is too complicated to get working on their device (or at least with their proprietary interface) – but they will assure us that 2.3 on the Galaxy IIs will be just fine. Amazing how that works out… buy another phone at full price and you can get an update, but try to update a 6 month old product line and it just won’t work.

    However, my biggest finger pointing goes to Google. Why is Google not mandating that plain vanilla android be available for any android phone, and if the hardware specs match that an over-the-air update to plain vanilla be made available. This would reduce fragmentation and give the consumer a choice – keep their bulky and often times useless and high-overhead proprietary interfaces, or have the ability to get a clean but vanilla up-to-date version of Android running. This would make upgrade hell a moot point and improve their product.

    • bousozoku

      This is like Windows having problems because the device manufacturer has garbage in the BIOS. In fact, there was another report that the WP7 update that’s coming is having trouble with Samsung phones.

      I think Google and Microsoft can only do so much to make sure that the top level works correctly. It’s up to the manufacturer to provide safe underpinnings.

  • mediaman00

    I updated my phone yesterday. Everything works great except theirs a glitch in the camera that force closes the camera app when you try to use the sport mode setting. Other than that my phone works just fine, I love it! I used the manual update from the Samsung website.

  • 99accordv6

    You guys can fix the issue with the gallery/camera/alarm clock by backing up the contents of the sd card, then doing a format of the sd card.

    Then restore the contents back onto the sd card and go on with your day 😀

  • Vic

    I installed the update on my Sanyo Zio and now it wont even work. All I get is the backlight and the process keeps force closing. I took it to a local Sprint store w tech support and they couldnt do a thing except get me a replacement Zio. The tech suggested that I shouldnt UPDATE right away anytime. Then why did Sprint release the update if it has problems?

  • James

    After MONTHS of EXHAUSTIVE testing and delays attributed to even more testing in order “get it right the first time”, this is the result? What a major embarassment for Sprint! They probably don’t know what to do now, since the company supposedly tested every conceivable contingency already. It might be months before the updates resume again. By that time, Android 3.0 (Gingerbread) will be entering middle age!

  • maryjane

    i got my update on the 23rd, i did notice that when i delete photos it gets sort of stuck there….im not sure what to do to fix that minor flaw…other than that its running pretty smooth and i can now watch flash content so i really like that =D i feel lucky i automatically got mine directly to the phone without having to download from the website=D

  • Mark Gottlieb

    I updated from the Samsung website using the Windows method (not the Mac zip file). This approach succeeded in that it gave me Froyo without the aforementioned problems, but it did it with automatically did a hard reset. I had to reload my apps (paid and free), but the whole process only took about 90 minutes. Since my contacts and most everything else wa in the cloud, this was not a big deal. Everything on my sd card, photos, mp3s, etc., were perfectly accessible. Only oddity is that the screen orientation works in 3 positions now.

    • Kawabike

      That’s exactly what my phone did after the PC download manual update from samsung!

  • Jack

    My google voice calls do not make my phone ring anymore after the manual update from Samsung’s website. Also, it drops data connections regularly… 🙁

    Glad we can all be their guinea pigs (sarcastic).

  • Whodis


  • chang3d

    This is why you need to avoid Samsung. Heck, google even had problems updating the nexus s.

  • Jose

    Mine is working fine. I went ahead and got the file available thru Samsung USA support site.
    Only issue that I saw twice was a “network connection error” when accessing or exiting the Market. That happened almost a week ago. Other than that, pretty happy with the update. Everything works as described.

  • Tara Gullett

    I downloaded a sprint update on my epic not to long after I got it and had nothing but problems. Theupdate even killed my 4G radio. Sprnt had to give me a brand new phone because mine was less than 30 days old