October 22, 2014

USA Today Drops Honeycomb-Optimized App into Android Market

We can add USA Today to the list of companies who have already released an Android 3.0-optimized application.  The news giant dropped their Honeycomb flavored app into the Android Market earlier today and it’s quite nice indeed.

As one might expect, it takes advantage of the larger layout by implementing the fragments  available in the SDK.  Featuring high resolution graphics and constantly refreshing content, the app breaks into sections just like your daily newspaper.

We’ve had a chance to play with this for a few hours and really enjoy the experience.  If we could offer up any suggestions, we might ask for those fancy new widgets, preferably something we can sort by category.  We’d love to see your sports news on the desktop!  If you have Android 3.0 and want to check out the app, head to the Android Market for more details!