4 HTC Devices to Get Gingerbread in Q2

Good ol’ HTC has confirmed that the Desire Z, Desire HD, Desire, and the newly announced Incredible S will all be getting some Gingerbread love soon enough. While they didn’t give an exact date, they’re promising a Q2 release. This is one reason I always buy HTC: they’re reliable. They don’t promise an update and then delay or cancel it 2 months after the deadline. Of course, we can’t really say that until after Q2. But when it’s all said and done, I have no doubt that the 4 devices mentioned above will have some 2.3 goodness.

On a side note, it’s yet to be determined if the G2, the Desire Z’s U.S. brother will also be getting this update. No word from HTC on this matter. We’ll do some digging and try to find some answers. In the meantime, who’s excited about finally getting official Gingerbread?

Source MobileCrunch

  • Theo Smith

    How about the Evo 4G. We want some Gingerbread love too :-\



  • sansenoy

    Why is their clock always on 10:08? Any clues?

    • Bobby Z

      That is the hour and minute that HTC came to be and was made self aware. (insert deep manly English voice here or Capt Picard’s)

    • Jaymoon

      Must be an internal thing? Happens way too often to be an accident.

      Seems as though the Incredible is the red-headed step-child…


    • mateen

      hi 1008 is an auspicious number for the chinese
      in the chinese cantonese dialect, it literally means “keep prospering”
      and we all know that HTC has been prospering in the last 2 years!


  • Se7en2

    I second the EVO question. What sucks is, I switched to Sprint for the EVO, and Sprint doesn’t have any good Android phones coming out. Not even any good rumors.

  • Joshua G.

    sweet i just got my 2.2 update on desire now i’m gonna be going to 2.3 within a few months. epic.

  • @kendrs

    We talking uk too?if so cant wait.when is the desire getting the new htc sense?

  • rob

    what about the original droid 🙁

    • Darnell

      No one cares I have a iphone 3g

  • Evo???

  • Dragonithe

    Why all the questions about other devices?
    just name me a few big features that gingerbread has over froyo and why you want it.

    I think this is a nice extra from HTC, but if they said, your stuck on 2.2, I wouldn’t care. 2.2 runs great.

    htc desire owner.

  • Luke

    what about evo? if they say no i won’t be mad, but it would be nice to have an answer.

  • kang

    So I guess after they role it out and then T-Mobile spends forever loading it with useless German apps we can expect to see this in the UK by Q4?

  • Still waiting for this upgrade. Nearly been a month and no sign of it so far