Battery Issues Rumored as Reason for Thunderbolt Delays

Here we are, February 28th, nearly two months since the debut of the HTC Thunderbolt.  Long expected to have arrived by now, we’re still wondering if and when we’ll ever see Verizon announce a launch date. We’ve seen the rumored release slip a couple of times over the last few weeks with no known reasons.  The last we heard, it may be March 4th or 10th before the phone shows up.  Why?  The intel we’ve gathered points to battery issues.

According to Engadget sources, the phone will burn through the battery in 2-3 hours without breaking a sweat.  Considering the large screen and 4G LTE radio, were not surprised.  Everyone knows about how great the EVO is save for its battery life.  An updated ROM is said to be in the works, hopefully addressing the situation.

Looking back, it makes sense that we’ve seen a handful of firmware updates leak to the internet over the last few weeks.  In fact, today sees yet another one arriving on 911Sniper.   Perhaps this was known internally and has been getting tweaked a bit over time. Is this the one that fixes it all?

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