UPDATE: In my excitement I forgot to attribute this picture to Dan Morrill who tweeted it out. Our apologies Dan and thanks for posting the Honeycomb goodness!

The Honeycomb Statue Going in at the Googleplex

I am going to shut up and let the picture speak for itself. HONEYCOMB FTW!

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  • Honeycomb looks great. Hope it comes to the HTC tablet really soon. The Motorola Xoom is nice but I think the 7″ or even slightly larger are better because if you are using a 10.1″, you might as well have a computer. But it does look really nice. Does anyone know if the Samsung Galaxy 7″ tab is getting Honeycomb?

    • RyanMacG

      From memory Samsung said no to the original tab getting a 3.0 update, might be wrong though

  • RyanMacG

    Might be worth crediting Dan Morrill for the picture since he posted it on twitter earlier…

  • Dan Morrill

    Thanks for the attribution! Much appreciated. 😉

  • myster ?

    that is supid