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Android Around the World: Market Updates from Various Countries

Android and The Android Market are contiuing to spread across the world, stopping off at new countries all the time.  While some are fully operating with paid apps, others are

News and Rumors

OnePlus and JBL partner to create earphones for the OnePlus One

It seems OnePlus wants to partner itself with JBL, as early on Monday they announced on Google+ that JBL is making OnePlus branded earphones “coming soon”. These premium earphones will be $39.99,

News and Rumors

Samsung Galaxy Trend 3 announced for China

Samsung today introduced a new dual-SIM smartphone for China in the Galaxy Trend 3. Powered by Android 4.2 Jelly Bean, the phone features a 4.3-inch display (800×480 pixels), a dual-core


  1. jIM jOHNSON
    February 28, 21:55 Reply

    I have a Verizon Android X, When do you think that the Flagship will receive Honeycomb or at least Gingerbread.

    • Rich
      March 01, 01:49 Reply

      I think you mean Droid X, since there’s no product I know of called “Android X.” Droid X will probably get Gingerbread (2.3) in 3-6 months depending on the time it takes Motorola to slap on some Blur. Honeycomb is currently a tablet OS so don’t hold you breath on getting it. Also, what do you mean by flagship? The Droid X is definitely not the flagship Android phone for Verizon any longer.

    • Dave W
      March 03, 12:04 Reply

      Worry less about the pretty sculptures, apply more priority to actually getting Honeycomb on tablets.

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