They Weren’t Kidding When They Named it Xoom!

Image Credit: XDA Developers Forum

Let the image above sink in some.  If you don’t yet own a Xoom (like me), then you can begin to be envious of the sheer power that owners of the latest Android device have in their grubby little hands.  The folks over at Boy Genius Report found the above screenshot and the news that a dev in the community has successfully overclocked the Xoom to 1.5 GHz.  Which, as you can see, blows away the current smartphone benchmarks we have right now.

A quote from the article:

XDA forum member coolbho300 has managed to tweak the XOOM’s kernel to get both Cortex-A9 cores running at a benchmark-shredding 1.5GHz. ”I have successfully brought the Tegra 2 in the XOOM to 1.5GHz,” writes coolbho300 in a forum post. “A few kernel modifications make the dual core chip in the XOOM even more powerful than the recently announced Tegra 2 3D. 1.5GHz through two Cortex A9 cores is truly a force to be reckoned with.”

I can feel the wind as the current Xoom owners are herding over to the XDA Forums to try the process out, just one note of caution as you do, be careful with your new toy!

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  1. Chahk
    February 28, 13:56 Reply

    Can the early adopters please stop flashing it enough to produce some meaningful battery drain measurements?

  2. jays0n1
    February 28, 15:24 Reply

    My Nexus S can bench slightly higher than that at 1.4ghz

  3. Nick
    February 28, 18:27 Reply

    Like jayson1 said, an overclocked Nexus S puts up better numbers than that, I’ve gotten 3500+ Quadrant scores on my Nexus S running at 1.4GHz.

  4. Brad
    February 28, 19:26 Reply

    Nice, but I’m still waiting for my primo tablet

  5. Videos
    February 28, 19:27 Reply

    Yup- my Nexus can smoke those numbers too :)

  6. Jaykay
    March 01, 12:01 Reply

    My iphone 4 kick the buts of others :p

  7. Brian
    March 03, 03:40 Reply

    Your nexus s is only one core tho you have to think each core is running that soo

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