• Tony

    It’s running 2 versions newer Android and runs a brand new dual core processor with one of the latest video chips. It should really be benchmarked against similar devices from competing manufacturers, not the 1 year old devices shown on this graph.

    • http://tdrevolution.com Benji (TheDude)

      Yeah, too bad we can run it against the ipad.

  • SinghDroid

    Benchmark is one thing, but the tablets on display in the Verizon stores had pretty slow real time performance. My Nexus One with CM6 was smoother/faster than the Xoom.

  • SSA

    Umm…I’m not sure what type of benchmarks you are running but it looks like most of these phones are very old. I know the Nexus One is at least a year old along with the Droid. I want to see the specs next to some of the most recently released phones.

  • Rovex

    Stop moaning about the ‘old devices’ in the picture. Its the ones built in to Quadrant. Anyway not much is significantly quicker than the snapdragon or hummingbird devices listed apart from the Tegra devices that are only just out. The newer Samsung and HTC devices only bench a bit higher than the Nexus one shown because they arent significantly different.

    The main issue with Quadrant is the way the test score is calculated. Using DJ Steves 1.6.1 ROM i managed top get the Dell Streak to give a score higher than the Xoom, its was all about the I/O boost the ROM gives.

    Run Quadrant advanced to see what is giving the Xoom its speed.

  • Haggie

    My eLocity A7 (Tegra 2) which is running 2.2 with a standard ROM scores around 2000 on quadrant and seems very fast to me.

  • GTab

    The ViewSonic GTab has been getting these numbers for several months thanks to the enthusiasts on XDA. Considering that this is the initial release of an unfinished Honeycomb build, that is not bad. Once the modders get at it, it’s going to fly.