Moto’s Sanjay Jha Says All “High Performance” Smartphones to Get Docking and Webtop App


A lot of people were blown away by the cool docking ability and webtop app that the Moto Atrix comes with on the AT&T network, and rightfully so.  Now it seems that Motorola has taken notice of the excitement around the docking capability from consumers, and has decided to include this capability in all it’s “High Performance” Smartphones that come out after June of this year.  This is according to an Engadget post quoting Moto’s Sanjay Jha, in which he also says that the only reason that the Droid Bionic doen’t have docking and webtop is because of the simple problem of time.

This is a step in the right direction for sure, as the industry begins to understand that mobile computing is going to become a main we in which we communicate in the very near future (if not already!).  More information as it becomes available.

  • Come on HTC you need to get something like this. That is awesome. Maybe the incredible 2 will have it.

  • Casual Observer

    Should have read “docks with touch screens and tablet OS”

  • Michal

    bleh, MOTOBLUR!! gay.

  • michael

    The laptop dock thing is cute in a retro sort of way. But seriously, give us a tablet sized touch screen “dock” instead. That and a decent wireless keyboard and you’ve got many much more usable options than an old school laptop clamshell. I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t be much of a stretch to make the phone run the same sort of apps found on a tablet. Think about it.