Official Gingerbread ROM for Galaxy S Leaked (Update: Screenshots!)

Yeah, we don’t like Samsung either, but you’ve got to give them credit on this one. It’s the first manufacturer of which we’re sure they’re working on a Gingerbread ROM for their Android 2.x devices. How do we know that? Well, it’s been leaked. This beta ROM proves that Samsung is working on Gingerbread for its Galaxy  S line for real, and it seems pretty good for daily use as well. The only major issue is the failing Market (if you’re not rooted). However, as soon as you root the ROM, you’ll have access to the Market. So far there’s no sign of Touchwiz 4; but patience dear readers, it’ll probably be added before Sammy lets this thing loose to carriers. Check out all the cool features explained at the source link below.

UPDATE: There’s more screenshots after the break.

Source: XDA-Developers

  • Alejandro

    The guys at XDA should have this running by next week Samsuck should have an official release by 2020

    • rob

      What you talking about. This is a beta build by Samsung.

      Just because US carriers are fooling around with updates, don’t blame Samsung.

      Samsung released Froyo on the International Galaxy S (not the US regional variants) in October 2010. 5 months ago!

      An official Gingerbread release is expected for Europe at the end of this month.

    • JaylanPHNX

      And remember that XDA can throw unfinished ROMs out there for everyone to fool around with and it’s understood that it’s at-your-own-risk. Companies like Samsung and Motorola have to make sure it’s perfect. They also have to make sure the update process itself is smooth for all, even unsavvy users. It’s not as easy as the hacking community makes it seem. A good example is the CliqXT 2.1 upgrade. They couldn’t release it because they just couldn’t get all the bugs out for all users.

  • Ragflan

    Man the Samsung hate is getting old. Get a clue you idiots. Galaxy S has had timely updates all over the world and Samsung will be the first to get Gingerbread WAY before any other manufacturer puts it out.

    Blame all the US carriers that are holding back the updates, not Samsung. Get with the program. Samsung makes better handsets. Obviously you who write an Android blog won’t know better than the creators of Android. Google chose Samsung for a reason for their flagship device. So shut the hell up about Samsung sucking. Samsung has made the phone with the best screen and hardware and their 2nd Gen Galaxy S is bringing more awesomeness.

    You guys are no better than Apple fanboys that say Android sucks. Go blame your carriers. ‘Yeah, we don’t like Samsung either.’ Nice start to an article you douchebag.

  • Slipknot1013

    Exactly. Very nice way to start the article. Samsung isn’t to blame in this. Thats obvious. Should be obvious to “journalist” especially. Go kiss HTC’s ass somemore.

  • huh?


    Same difference to the consumer.

    btw, my GPS stinks, bluetooth is wonky, and my epic will still not work with samsungs own dock(that we were told would be fixed with 2.2 yet was not). Feels like beta.

    What really hurts is that it has so much potential. Hardware is fantastic.

  • mezy

    How you have a android blog and not like the company who had something to do with blowing android up. Samsung is the business. And no comapny has timely updates because the companies want the bloatware on the phone before it released. There is alot of things that go into making a update for u.s phones. International companies don’t do this that’s why its so easy for them to update there phones. blame u.s carriers.

  • Bryce

    If it is all the carriers fault, why did the HTC phones all get the 2.2 updates WAAAY before Samsung phones? Seems to be manufacture dependent not carrier….

  • Tim

    Samsung put android on the map

  • Mildrow

    ha 4 problems i found out thats internt calls swype market
    dont get me wrong its faster then 2.2 i had but just its only little problems i dont care about swype
    but i do care about calling people after a while the other person on the line cuts your call on my phone i had to wait 5 min ah to hard to explane you find out your self internet its dodge market some of the apps you install wont work you all have a nice day

  • ZoomZoom

    Thanks to the peeps at XDA, I’ve had a working Froyo waaaay before the Vibrant’s official 2.2 release. Rooting and modding the galaxy s series is pretty easy and the ROM releases are plenty and often. In fact, there’s a beta gingerbread ROM for the Vibrant right now! Still buggy, but XDA developers are working hard on it.

  • A_yunos

    Never been disappointed yet with Samsung. Keep it coming!

  • Cruft

    If Samsung able to come up a solution boost up the internal memory for galaxy s as update, let’s say 1 meg. With a gingerbread rom update together, Samsung will become a darling of user with cache on after market superb support. That reputation could put a threat to iphone maker:Apple.