Sony Tells us That a “Smarter Walkman Phone is Coming”

Some of our readers may recall hearing last June that Sony was prepping a “Yendo” Walkman, which looked to blend the iconic media player with Android.  At the time, specs were rather average at Android 1.6, a 5-megapixel camera, and a 2.6-inch display.  Nearly eight months later, we don’t have a Walkman device to speak of.  Sony looks to be getting the ball rolling again as word of a new ad has landed online.  A teaser ad, of sorts, the company promising that a “smarter Walkman Phone is coming”.

…Go on, we’re listening.

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If Sony puts the same effort into a Walkman phone that they have used for their 2011 devices, we’ll be very happy.  We don’t have a name yet, nor do we have specs, launch, or additional details.  Essentially, we know it’s coming and that’s it.  Given the recent rumors surrounding their tablets and digital convergence plans, we would not be surprised to see a device that meshes Bravia technology with Qriocity content and more, all while operating under the Walkman umbrella.

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Via: AndroidCommunity

  • PhoneUser

    Thank god Sony finally got over their fixation with using the oldest, weakest Android revision. With their decades of experience in mobile phones, display technologies, video playback, music reproduction, and cameras they have the potential to make products so good that HTC, Motorola and the other Android OEMs will have to raise their games…Apple, too. And that’s good news for us consumers. We might finally great cameras, screens, codec support, and speakers on all mid-tier-up Android handsets.

  • Wow sony walkman series is a hit except if we forget some of them, wiating to see how it goes

  • Wow sony walkman series is a hit except if we forget some of them, wiating to see how it goes