YP Yellow Pages 3.0 Hits Android Market, Brings Localized Deals and Customization

An update to the official Yellow Pages application was released to the Android Market yesterday, bringing some significant changes.  Even though the previous version of the app provided a great search and listing tool featuring more than 18 million businesses, the developers felt obligated to toss in a slew of new stuff.  This 3.0 offering now lets users brows nearby coupons, deals, and specials from a variety of sources including ValPak and existing YP clients.  Unlike deal apps such as Groupon, these savings are available now and can be redeemed immediately.  In some cases there may be more than one to consider depending on what you are eligible for!

The location-aware app also provides current weather details so you know how to dress when you’re searching for a place to dine on the pier.  Users also have the ability to create a personal locker of items called “My Stuff” where they can drop deals, search results, and events for quick access at a later date.  Along these lines, it’s also possible to customize the bottom of the screen with favorite searches, events, and more.  This way, you’ll always have a pizza joint and coffee shop at your ready!

The Yellow Pages 3.0 app is freely available to any and all Android users providing they are running 2.1 and above.  The 3.0 might trick you into thinking it’s for Honeycomb, but it’s not.  I played with this yesterday on the EVO 4G and found it to work awesome.  It’s glossy, polished and pretty intuitive, with very little learning curve.