Get a Digital Assitant with Pro


I don’t know about you, but I sometimes struggle with trying to collect all my notes, web clippings, images and lists from all my different devices.  When I switch from my desktop to my mobile, then to my laptop then to my “re-purposed” Nook during meetings, I find that I am always looking for something that is not on the device that I am currently using.

I know there are a couple of different solutions for my problem, (easy on the wisecracks please), but one of the ones that I have liked so far comes from It allows you to tie in all your devices into one account, storing all sorts of goodies so that you don’t have to hunt around for that important piece of information that you are needing.What is most noteworthy is that Catch operates both a free and paid version, the difference largely being how much storage you get with the paid “pro” version.  There are certainly other advantages, here is the listing from the presser talking about the “pro” edition:

Catch Pro Features and Benefits
•       Capture, Organize, Sync and Share – Text notes, images, sound files, PDFs, RTF files, Microsoft Office files (Word, Excel and Powerpoint)
•       Use Twitter-like hash tags to organize notes
•       Use geo-tags to organize notes by location
•       Share notes on Facebook, Twitter and via email
•       All syncing is via a secure, encrypted connection (SSL)
•       Access notes when offline (Android, iPhone, and iPad)
•       1GB upload capacity per month, compared to 70MB with free version, providing space for over 750 images taken with a 5 MP camera or 165 hours of voice notes

The free version still fits my needs, but if you have a large amount of info you want to store the “pro” version costs $5.00 a month or $45.00 a year, which is not too bad. The Android app is free and is called “Catch Notes” in the Market.  There are certainly other options like Catch out there, but this one is worth a look if you are looking for a service that can be molded to your workflow.  I have found that I naturally gravitate towards Catch more than say Dropbox or Evernote.  Give it a try and let us know what you think.