Honeycomb Ported to the G1 [VIDEO]


I guess this is what Dan Morrill meant when he said that Honeycomb has no minimum hardware requirements: that screenshot on the right is from a T-Mobile G1 running Honeycomb.

A devoted band of developers at XDA continue toiling away on the venerable handset that started it all, and after the Honeycomb SDK dropped, a couple of those intrepid souls managed to get it up and running on both of HTC‘s first Android phones, the Dream (G1)  and Magic (MyTouch 3G).

Before you dust yours off to give it a shot, know that it’s not a fully functional ROM; more just proof of what can be done.

Hit the break for a demo video.


Source: XDA-Developers via The Android Site

  • ZenPenguinz

    Holly crap batman, that’s awesomeness.

  • Adam

    its funny that gingerbread is old news now

  • still use my G1, haven’t upgraded. But when I do, I’m totally putting honeycomb on it

  • Why would you want a tablet OS on a phone? That’s restarted.

    • Ace

      you wouldnt, this is to show you can!

  • RHCE V6

    I have an Atrix 4g and wish I could get the flexibility to load roms like this! I miss my G1!

  • surprisingly snappy for being the first Android device ever.