Multiple Sources Indicate BlackBerry Messenger Coming to Android

Ask your BlackBerry friends why they haven’t switched to Android yet and you’ll likely hear that they love Messenger and the cool features that come with the IM client.  The ability to chat between other BlackBerry users, share pictures, and videos is one of the main reasons a non-business user holds on to their RIM device.  Well, if the multiple trusted BGR sources are right, that may not even be an issue to worry about before too long.  According to these insiders, Research in Motion is working to bring BlackBerry Messenger to Android and other platforms.  

Without providing details such as price or estimated availability, BGR does indicate this may be a stripped down version of the client which only allows for chatting.  The video, location, and photos stuff might stay as an exclusive set of features for BlackBerry handsets.  You know, so there’s a reason to stay.

Why the desire to free up their software?  BGR’s Geller surmises it might be to own the increasingly crowded space that is cross-platform IM services.  This is definitely an interesting concept and one that will be fun to see play out.  Are any of AndroidGuys readers using a BlackBerry and the Messenger service?  Perhaps you stayed behind for a long time just because of the app.  Tell us your story!

  • Im excited, but lets wait and see if it will be free or not.

  • I have a lot of friends that won’t leave BB for BBM, so lets see what happens if this is actually true.

  • BB is just about BBM.. so when it’s available in other devices ??? lets see… 😀

  • Longairbilly

    I have no problem paying for BBM. The only problem is friends and family have been using Gtalk. It works well enough. If they won’t pay for BBM it don’t make sense for me to buy it.

  • Looks like BB has finally given up to the power of Android. I bet it will be paid though because BB will want to make some money off it and I can’t blame them.

  • Ace

    if bmm comes to android blackberries would die! like completly die

  • Woodard_731

    I for one for split sec was happy followed by the urge for bc powder. My gf who happens to be a textaholic loves blackberry. Lol i dont get it either? She even just wasted her upgrade on a brand new flip top old nokia looking pos she swears by. Me of course you know what i got…evo 4g. She already mentioned it from somewhere. I was glancing at few apps earlier while she drove to store and goes oh see if u can get bb messenger! Thanks just wtf i need…..sure hope google making some $ of the deal because ive known several people go from a bb to evo or x, but i never heard of ANYONE go fromevo to bb. Wtf? Can you see anyone pick up matrix or bionic and go wow look at this piece junk were are the bb bolds at? LOL