PayPal Puts $50,000 on Table, Announces Developer Challenge for Android

PayPal has just announced their third PayPal X Developer Challenge and their aim is to get developers to integrate their mobile payments feature into your app.  Starting today and running through May 14th, developers can submit their applications to PayPal, with three winners announced on June 29th.  To motivate the troops, PayPal is dangling $25,000 for the first place winner, with $15,000 going to second and $10,000 going to third place.  What specifically are they looking for in the app?  As they put it, they are seeking “something new, something surprising, something with business potential, something that integrates PayPal payments.”

If you’d like to integrate PayPal mobile payments into your app and submit into the contest, you’ll need to get the proper files and libraries first.  PayPal will also be at the Android Dev Camp in San Jose tomorrow where they should be on hand to answer your questions and concerns.

  • Definitely a motivator to jump into Android dev.

  • Guest Poster

    It would be VERY important and interesting FIRST, for the regular normal stock PayPal app (v 2.7.0 at the moment of this writing) to be made available to ALL Android Market users worldwide. If you have a Paypal account, then you should be able to download it and use it on your Android, disregarding where you are physically located.

  • Archtopdan

    I’ve been a paypal user for a long time now.. and i’m NOT a fan at all. if your a “seller” it’s very easy to get burned with NO recourse.

  • linuxfreak

    Use Google Checkout and forget Paypal. I started with PP when there was nothing else and they paid you to join! And joined Ebay in 98. Since then they have taken Ebay auction payments HOSTAGE. They have beat 2 lawsuits trying to get Google Checkout as a payment method on Ebay! I can’t believe Google would even allow them as a payment method. If they get a foot hold with sites to be a payment method they will try to lockout any and all others. And WHY do they think they have a right to tell internet users that they MUST use them and only them! This is like a major retailer only taking American Express and you that you can’t use Visa/MC or even cash.
    Paypal can keep their 50 grand and there monopoly!