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    The significance of these findings by Nielsen, which reaffirm findings by Gartner and ABI Research late last year and early this year, that Android is becoming the most popular portable device OS because quite simply its inception was based on a notion of device-agnostic computing. Put simply an OS that can be used in Cars (Saab), Phones (HTC to Samsung, Laptops (Acer), Tablets (Motorolla to Samsung) and Set-top Boxes (Logitech) means the OS is not tied to a symbolic phone. Apple and Blackberry’s OS are linked to their phones. Android has the freedom to be used in a variety of phones and as such this versatility will create more market share oppertunities for Android and their partners than Apple or RIM. Read my blog on Firefox and device-agnostic computing on the Android platform: http://androidbugbear.blogspot.com/ for more news on Android and its future.