SpectorSoft eBlaster Mobile for Android Lets Parents Remotely Monitor Child’s Phone

SpectorSoft Corporation, a key figure in the PC and internet monitoring industry, have just released an Android app that lets parents keep an eye on their children and their phone usage. Called eBlaster Mobile for Android, the app and service provides remote monitoring of calls, texts, location, web history, and more.  For those of you who worry about the dangers of sexting and uploading naughty pictures to Facebook, eBlaster even records copies of pictures taken with the camera.  Parents choose an email address for reports and notifications and can receive updates as often as every 30 minutes.

The app itself works on any device running Android 1.5 or higher which means pretty much anyone.  Cost for eBlaster Mobile runs $69.99 for a one-year subscription which amounts to a shade under $6 per month to keep an eye on your children.  We imagine this is a no-brainer for concerned parents.  Read more about the app and/or sign up for the service at SpectoSoft’s website!

  • “We imagine this is a no-brainer for concerned parents.”

    Parents who want to creep out their kids. At some point we’ve got to trust them to make their own decisions based on the values we have taught them. And yes, I have a 13 year old daughter. She has a MyTouch with unlimited text and data. We talk often about how it’s used, and her and I text throughout the day – but I’m not going to take away every bit of her privacy.

    • Some parents don’t pay enough attention, and their children grow-up and become drug addicts.  They need to know that you know, sometimes.

  • Jasonheath7632

    After installing in on a Droid RAZR, there is a continual
    message that pops up stating “Androin Mobile Logs is running in the
    background and draining you battery”. A quick google search on Androin
    Mobile Logs shows this is a spy/cell monitoring program that is installed. I
    called Spectorsoft and they said it is a known issue with no current fix. I
    asked for a refund, and the once friendly rep told me that he needed to put me
    on “mute” for a minute. After 20-25 minutes I started to ask if he
    was still there. I tried to get his attention by singing out national anthem,
    but he never came back. I called back later and the same thing happened. I
    called the next day, and instead of getting a rep, I was put on hold for 20 minutes to talk to
    someone about a refund. When someone finally arrived, he told me
    that they cant process refunds on a Saturday and that I needed to call back on
    Monday. All this time seems to be eating into the 72 hour window that you have
    to get a refund. We’ll see if they come through. Doubtful.