Angry Birds Tops 30 Million Downloads


By now you already know what Angry Birds and what the hype is all about.  It seems like everyone and their brother is aware of the game and has seen it or played it.    I also seems like nearly every Android user on the planet is downloading the free game.  Speaking yesterday at the Game Developers Conference, Peter Vesterbacka (Rovio) told the group of attendees that their smash hit has now eclipsed more than 30 million Android downloads.

Now we see why they aren’t in a hurry to produce an ad-free version of the game.  Back in December, it was rumored that Rovio was pulling in more than $1 million in revenue each  month from the game.  At that point, the company had just crossed the 5 million download mark.  Potentially, this means they are approaching $6 million in revenue from ads alone.  This was also prior to the release of Angry Birds Seasons as well as the upcoming version of Angry Birds Rio,  due this month.

  • Drdrewdown

    yay i’ve still never download angry birds! i feel speshal

  • Seems like an okay game.

  • AppleFUD

    wasn’t rovio talking some smack a while back about how the Android ad sported version didn’t net them nearly as much as the iOS paid version? Curious if that’s still the case.

    • dwhole

      Or you can run a custom rom that blocks those ads….