First Look at the HTC Flyer in Video

[youtube][/youtube] posted a video this week with a look at the upcoming Android powered HTC Flyer.  You know, the tablet that HTC has not been working on. There are some interesting demonstrations of the stylus that is included with the unit, and the palm rejection feature built into it.  They also put it up against the Galaxy Tab.  The video is talking about the fact that the Flyer is being released in April overseas with Vodaphone. 

Watching the video, I am not sure how I feel about the use of stylus with a tablet.  I know that there are a lot of proponents to have stylus input for taking notes and handwriting recognition, but it feels very dated to me, and an extra step for input that I think we can skip now.  That coupled with the fact that the Flyer is launching with Gingerbread and not Honeycomb makes this a unit that I think could be dead in the water.  It’s too bad because we have really been looking froward to what HTC was going to come out with as far as their first Android powered tablet device.  I am sure though that we will certainly see a Honeycomb tablet from HTC, who knows they may surprise us very soon!

  • That video was painful to watch

  • drdrewdown

    I guess we will have to agree to disagree Mr Walters! I think your position on this is way off base. Its not a Samsung device for crying out loud.

  • Stylus dosen’t look very good but I don’t think much people will use it anyway. The interface could of used some improvement but looked pretty good. Would of been nice if they put honeycomb on it but it will probably get it pretty soon after release. I am not sure how it will compare to other android tablets such as the Xoom or Samsung Galaxy Tabs but I am sure people that like HTC will get it.

    • drdrewdown

      uggh, its Sense aka the first thing to be removed. Honeycomb doesnt have flash or sd card support.. so why on earth would we need that… lets keep in mind this IS NOT a samsung device, it WILL get updated…

      • Let us also not forget that Honeycomb will get updated and get flash and sd card support. Let us also keep in mind that HTC has been slow to update in the past too.

        • drdrewdown

          yes but why would HTC launch a product thats so incomplete.. thats motorola’s job

          • Well it has not come out to the public yet and you don’t know that it won’t be complete by the time it is released.

  • Tito

    Didn’t Htc say they where going to make a honeycomb update later on? Not dead in the water to me -_- h

    • Anonymous

      Yes, they said it would get it soon.

  • Ken

    HTC Just DON’T Rush It!! I can wait (until June) for Honeycomb W/Flash, HDMI Out & a Memory card reader too, please!!! Thanks…
    & Oh yeah, 8.9 to 10.1″ & 1080P too…

  • Infamousf22

    The video is hard to watch because these idiots dont know how to use the tablet! First of all when the pen touches the screen it goes into screenshot mode, where you can write notes right onto the screenshot and share it on Twitter, Facebook etc, (Like ShootMe for rooted phones). Second, the pen has 2-3 buttons that work similar to a mouse (right and left clickers) so to use the pen as if it were your finger for scrolling and selecting apps you need to hold down on one of those buttons then tap of swipe. Check out the MWC 2011 videos of it the HTC reps talk about features that these two Dum******s couldnt figure out.

  • Anonymous

    I wonder if it will have gps … and hopefully True gps, so it works without a data connection.

    and what’s with all these tablets coming out and being $800? That’s just crazy.