Interesting Android Set-Top Box Concept


The above video is from tech site Gigaom, and contains an interview with reps from IDER, which is a Chinese manufacturer of AV entertainment devices, during the CeBIT show in Germany.  During the video the reps show off a couple of Android powered set-top boxes, one of which has a motion controlled remote to interact with the software.  The boxes are running Android 2.2 and appear to work pretty well during the demo. 

If you ever wanted to have an Android experience that is not Google TV on your big screen, then perhaps one of these devices is for you.  The rep talks about the fact that they will sell for $60 wholesale to the public, which probably means a price tag of $89-$99 if they ever hit the states through some third party reseller.

Check out the video and let us know what you think.

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  1. Techno-Update
    March 04, 19:03 Reply

    Looks awesome, I would totally get one, and it seems to run great and I like it. Wish they would of been able to test the browser though.

  2. Omega Man
    March 05, 06:16 Reply

    This looks set to give Google TV some competition. It’s nice to see where people are willing to take Android along for the ride.

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