A Solution for the Phrase, “I’ve Slept Since Then”

I am sure plenty of people can relate to having arguments with others about past events.  Where you were, what you ate, who was with you.  I am pretty sure my wife and I had one of those last night, but hey, I have slept since then, not sure if I remember the whole thing.

Well Android users, there is an app to help with that last statement.  In our American culture of ever increasing workloads, busier schedules and onslaught of sensory input, it can be tough to try to keep everything in our heads.  A new app called “Ibiograph” tries to help keep all your memories in a sort of “cloud diary” if you will, with little effort on your part using a widget on your desktop.

Probably the most interesting piece is that Ibiograph will take the items you have placed in your history and give you a “This Day In Your History” display on your desktop, allowing you to view what you were doing say a month ago or a year ago on this day in your personal history. There is both a free and a premium ads-free edition in the market.  Check it out at this link.