Verizon Advertising $100 OFF Any Droid Phone


Verizon has shaved $100 off the cost of their Droid lineup of smart phones and wants you to know about it. The carrier has been sending out emails this week advertising the fact that one can grab a new or certified pre-owned Droid at extremely tempting prices. If you’re cool with picking up a used, but guaranteed device, you could get a Droid 2 or Droid X for free. That special edition R2-D2 Droid that launched back in the fall? He’s free.

The only catch to these deals is that you need to sign a new two-year service agreement with a qualifying data plan. Speaking of which, you’d be wise to grab that $29.99 unlimited package as we hear it’s going away later this year.

  • Hope the unlimited 3g for $29.99 last a lot longer. Its a great deal, just like the prices on the droids.

  • I’d be all over this if Verizon offered a stock vanilla Android Droid device (other than the OG Droid) but I’ve sworn off buying any Android device from Verizon until they carry such.

    • Anonymous

      I like the htc sense look.

    • Hsuede7

      Nobody has vanilla android phones anymore and probably never will again

      • Lee

        TMobile does, the G2 is vanilla stock.