Welcome To Android #1: How To Change Your Keyboard

Did you know that your Android powered smart phone has multiple keyboards? Well it does, and combined with the Android Market, there are dozens of different keyboards to download. Read or watch below to lean how to use this easy, yet very useful feature. Hope it helps!

How to enable downloaded keyboards

  1. Go to settings
  2. Go to “Language and Keyboard”
  3. Scroll down
  4. Check off the newly downloaded keyboard

How to change your keyboard

  1. Open a text field
  2. Long press
  3. Select “input method”
  4. Select your keyboard

Still need help? Watch the video.


Want to watch the whole series of tips in video format? Click here.

UPDATE: If you’d like to check out more how-to’s, head over to our newly added Android 101 series. There are tons of lessons that are super informative and could help you master your Android in no time!

  • Lrobles787

    Go review… keep up the writing skills.

  • Guest

    When posting an article like this, it might be a good idea to say what version of Android we’re talking about. What you’ve said is not true for Android 1.6.

    • appelflap

      Afaik the exact same procedure is used in 1.6.

  • I just implemented this and it was as easy as 1-2-3. Thank you!

  • Dennis

    how to change to only numbers keyboard, like on a regular phone – and not on a smart phone – can not find it anywhere. 

  • Tristan


  • doubi

    people always down talking appreciate someone offering help for once thankyou helped my girlfriend get her text to speech back she was going to lose it at work without it

  • Phoneix

    Helps !! Thanks.

  • I long press and “paste” comes out instead because I copied something before… how to get rid of this?

    • gbsyfsjydvgdb

      Hold space

  • Laurie

    Thankyou soooooo much. I was so aggravated by the other keyboard, don’t know why but every once in a while it just changes & I can’t stand it!!!! & I never know how to fix it!!!! Thanks****

    • conkie

      What was the answer to changing the keyboard to the number keyboard? I have a galaxy 4

  • iamJSRCA

    how to removed stock keyboard and replace it with other keyboard and make it default?

  • MD

    an update to this post steps to finding keyboard settings in the latest version of Android: settings > my device > language and input > keyboards and input methods

  • Nayan Panchal

    Anyone know how to fix this back to normal my txt key input is screwed up it wont let me type like before

  • Emily

    Holding space just gives me multiple spaces

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  • akoolo

    Thanks, am back on track,

  • I

    How do I change my keyboard back to original black keyboard?

  • soma

    thanks you can also try this one it name is Color Keyboard Theme
    Downoald It For Free