October 31, 2014

AndroidGuys Weekly RoundUp Feb 28 - March 4

It’s that time again! Time for the AndroidGuys Weekly RoundUp. Let’s jump right into the news we covered last week, shall we? First off, devices that got our attention:

We got an idea of why PhoneFusion was pulled from the Market, as well as some statistics from ShopSavvy, and B&N updated their Nook for Android app. In other news, Google finally got a Honeycomb lawn ornament, a rep from Motorola said that all of their future high performance smartphones will have the same docking capability as the Atrix 4G, the Amazon App store for Android got some buzz, and Nom! Foodspotting (Lite) was released to the Market. Loopt announced some new features, Yellow Pages 3.0 hit the Market, Google Body was released for Honeycomb devices, PayPal issued a $50,000 developer challenge, and Angry Birds topped 30 million downloads.

Closing out the week, Google Maps was updated to v5.2, we got an interesting look at “The State of Android” in a nice little video, and of course, Google pulled that terrible malware from the market.