Citibank Quietly Rolls Out Android App

Citi Mobile for Android

If you have a bank account or credit card with Citibank, good news: they’ve created an Android app to make mobile banking easier for their customers. But you won’t find it in the Android Market.

Apparently debuting late last year, we just heard about it from a tipster. To download the app, visit in your phone’s browser and follow the instructions. You’ll have to set your phone to allow non-Market apps, which means that those of you on AT&T are out of luck (unless you pursue other means).

The app allows Citi customers to check account activity and balance, make payments, transfer money and track rewards points.

  • That’s rather odd. Why isn’t it in the Android Marketplace? Wouldn’t it make more sense for a national bank chain to have a readily available app on the best selling smartphone OS?

    • ari-free

      I think I know why. The market allowed too many phony bank apps. You know you’re getting the real app when you go to the source.

  • AlphaReaper723

    I’ve tried to download it by going to the site on my Samsung Captivate and it never shows a download link. Only shows up this page:

    Does anyone have the apk available??