Was That the Droid X2 at the FCC?

A mysterious Motorola device passed through FCC testing recently, and speculation is that it may be the follow up to Verizon‘s Droid X, the Droid X2, which we’d recently heard will sport a a Tegra 2 processor under the hood.

According to Electronista, the device is identified by the FCC as the IHDT56MJ1, following Motorola’s naming scheme, and supports CDMA and EVDO, but is not believed to be the Bionic. Additionally, a request by Motorola to keep details of the device confidential for 180 days would likely put its launch in August, a year after the original Droid X.

Along with the Bionic, this would be two dual core Blur-skinned devices launching on Verizon later this year. It will be interesting to see how the two devices differ, and how they’re marketing is differentiated.

  • Rabit1993

    if it is a droid and sold by Verizon, stay away. I have had 6 droid phones since January. Each oif the phones failed me.

    • Get real

      Put it this way. You had 6 droid phones since january, and each of them failed you. The only answer to this is your OWN responsibility on the matter. I’ve had the droid since it came out. and It is still the best phone i’ve ever had. I mean let’s be serious.. 6 phones, in a month, you could have the shittiest phone and it would last longer than that, in what ever catagory.

    • Maddox

      I work for Verizon and have had the original Droid since its inception. Devices fail, yes, but rarely does it happen so often. Im not sure how you could blame Verizon for the PHONE failing anyway.

    • 2kawasaki22

      I have had a droid x since august and have had it rooted and overclocked to 1330 Mhz since I got it and haven’t had a single problem. You are just careless.

  • Droid Loyalist

    Droid Is God!! I Love the Droid Line by Motorola and look forward to the new installments! I too have had the Droid since its inception and am still in love with the device. You must be Damn unlucky to go through 6 phones in a month! Thats just careless! My only concern is that moto may be dividing some important features between the phones (i.e. rumored 1GB ram in the X2 compared to the 512Mb in the Bionic) in order to have the both of them sell well. Only time will tell.

  • Snowm1999

    will it have video chat